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 Prof. Dr. Enver İLHAN

Congress Chairman

Dean of University of Health Sciences Turkey,

İzmir Faculty of Medicine

Department of General Surgery

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 Prof. Dr. Ali Ekrem ÜNAL

Congress Chairman

President of the Surgical

Oncology Association

Dear Colleagues,

Globally, gastric cancer remains an important public health issue due to its high mortality rate. We have been organizing conferences in İzmir for a long time to discuss innovative medical and surgical techniques for treating gastric cancer and the most recent developments.

Firstly, "1st Bozyaka Current Situation in Gastric Cancer Surgery Symposium " was organized in 2012, with the participation of Prof.Dr. Mitsuri Sasako who is a prominent figure in gastric cancer surgery and his live surgery practice. Our symposiums continued in 2014, 2018, and 2020, with surgeons and scientists from various disciplines and regions of the country who were interested in gastric cancer treatment. Notably, the symposium that took place in 2020 attracted participants from around the world. The final conference of our organization, "1st International Turkish Gastric Cancer Congress," took place in 2022 and was held successfully with the participation of valuable scientists from Italy, Japan, France, England, and India.

On October 11-13, 2024, in İzmir Çeşme, we will be holding the second international congress, which we traditionally plan to hold every two years. This conference will be organized in collaboration with the University of Health Sciences İzmir Faculty of Medicine, the Turkish Surgical Association, the Surgical Oncology Association, and the Gastroenterology Surgery Association. We are honored to have many famous national and international scientists attend our congress and share their knowledge and expertise. An interactive discussion will be held at the congress to provide insight into the latest studies and results in the field of gastric cancer, as well as the innovations brought about by modern technology. Moreover, our congress will feature highlight sessions, including "Being a Female Surgeon," "Discussions by Young Specialists," "Discussions by Residents," and "Speech by Medical Faculty Students". Furthermore, "Palliative care for stomach cancer patients" and "Nursing care for gastric cancer patients" are significant subjects addressed at our congress. In the sessions, papers contributing to the scientific understanding of gastric cancer will be extensively discussed.

Our congress will be held in İzmir-Çeşme, an important tourism center of Turkey, in the last days of summer, and participants will also have the opportunity to relax and have fun.

We will discuss the most recent innovations and developments that will help to improve survival in gastric cancer, which has a poor prognosis.

 Abstract Submission Deadline: 1 August 2024

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